We provide expert statistical advice and support companies in the development of statistical software. Our expertise is in pharmacology, clinical trials, complex stochastic models, agriculture applications, and epidemiology. Our statistical work is typically of a nature that integrates product development with statistical methodology.

Collage of statistical visualizations from Dr Yoni Nazarathy's work

Our Statistics Expertise

Through years of carrying out research and teaching work in the field of statistics, Dr. Yoni Nazarathy's expertise spans broad areas of statistical modelling and analysis. As one example see the Statistics with Julia book. Aapeli Vuorinen's research and consulting work also spans multiple aspects of statistics. See for example the COVID-19 Risk Calculator that integrated a Bayesian network into a full-stack web application, architected and developed by Aapeli.

Related IT Expertise

It is often the case that statistics projects need to be supplemented by exceptional software and IT expertise. See our IT expertise page for more details.