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Accumulation Point provides consulting services in machine learning, statistics, optimization, software engineering, and mathematics. With a team of cutting-edge research scientists, experienced educators and senior programmers, we're a well versed team ready to take on any challenge.

Our team

Dr Yoni Nazarathy

Yoni is a Professor at the School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP) in the University of Queensland (UQ). Before becoming a full time academic, Yoni built up over 15 years of industry engagement experience in the semiconductor, aerospace and traditional industries. He has vast experience and a proven track record in connecting theory and practice to bridge the gap between research and innovative real world solutions.

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Aapeli Vuorinen

Aapeli is a passionate, creative software engineer with a strong academic background in mathematics, optimization, and machine learning. Currently researching stochastic systems at Columbia University, he leverages his background in mathematics and analytical thinking to rigorously analyse and model problems.

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