We provide expert optimization advice. We help model real world scenarios into mathematical optimization problems and can deal with both continuous and combinatorial optimization. While there are dedicated consulting companies focusing on optimization, our advantage is that we view optimization and decision making as an integral component of some machine learning, and statistics applications.

Snapshot of a NYC data modelling project by Aapeli

Our Optimization Expertise

Aapeli Vuorinen works on combinatorial optimization and operations research at Columbia University and Dr. Yoni Nazarathy has taught multiple university optimization and optimal control courses at various universities. Our expertise spans continuous optimization (as in Chapter 4 of Yoni's book Mathematical Engineering of Deep Learning), and discrete combinatorial optimization using various tools such as Gurobi and others. Some of our research publications including joint work, and others deal with optimization in uncertain stochastic settings, including cases of reinforcement learning.

Related IT Expertise

It is often the case that optimization projects need to be supplemented by exceptional software and IT expertise. See our IT expertise page for more details.