Machine Learning

We are machine learning experts and we provide companies with expert machine learning advice. This is both at the data science domain where we help companies analyze data for dedicated purposes and at the engineering domain where we help integrate machine learning solutions in operational and real-time systems. Our expertise spans vision, audio, video, and natural language.

Our Machine Learning Expertise

Our expertise spans the broad set of machine learning tools and hinges on years of industrial and academic expertise. In particular we have extensive experience with deep learning for vision, sound, tabular data, and textual data. We have worked on a variety of machine learning projects, both practical and theoretical, and we maintain a close connection with the latest trends and advances in the machine learning world. As some examples of our machine learning work see Dr. Yoni Nazarathy's books such as Mathematical Engineering of Deep Learning, and see work by Aapeli Vuorinen such as this survey paper among others.

IT Expertise

Almost every machine learning project needs to be supplemented by exceptional software and IT expertise. See our IT expertise page for more details.