IT, Software, and Infrastructure

Developing effective AI and data science applications with LLMs, machine learning, statistics, or optimization requires a solid grasp of many aspects of IT, software, and infrastructure management. Our team has managed IT and software projects at various scales, and we make sure to always be on top of the latest trends in the IT world supporting our AI and data science applications.

Our Expertise

We bring expertise in database systems full stack, DevOps, mobile app, distributed, real-time, and other software development forms. We use diverse languages including Python, C/C++, Java, Swift, Julia, Go, R, Javascript/Typescript, and others. We setup multiple platforms using the full power of AWS including Kubernetes based applications. Naturally all these skills integrate with specific LLM software, machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Pytorch, specialized statistical packages, and dedicated optimization software. Finally while, this is not our specialization, we previously created mobile apps both for iOS and Android and we deal with multiple front end web frameworks.